How we work

Training for schools, at-risk youth, and incarcerated individuals

We serve educators, students, at-risk youth, and incarcerated individuals in Oklahoma City. Training includes curriculum that is easy to put into practice. Courses cover current scientific research on mindfulness and the brain, emotion regulation, and compassion, and are facilitated by our experienced team of teachers.

Below is an overview of the course content:

  • The basics of mindfulness meditation

  • How to work with thinking that arises while practicing mindfulness

  • Cultivating positive attitude toward self and others: gratitude, kindness, joy & compassion

  • The role mindfulness plays in communication and interaction

  • The role mindfulness plays in learning and creativity

  • the role of mindfulness in rehabilitation and recovery

  • Support for developing and maintaining a daily practice

Programs for corporations

We offer mindfulness training, half and full day workshops, and guided meditation for corporations. These programs are tailored to fit the needs of the organization. Contact us for details!


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